To contribute to the successful development of our Clients with a high commitment to international business cooperation and friendship.


Respect for people, their culture and country

  • Responsibility towards people, all living beings and the environment
  • Contribution to the international sustainable development
  • Results, benefits for all counterparts and pursuit of excellence in the right timing.

We live in an interdependent world. Different people, beliefs and origins but one mankind.
What we do impacts the environment in and around us. Sometimes, the impact seems insignificant.
However, many small changes in many small places in the world make a big change.
We struggle to be ‘sustainable’, in line with the definition of “Our Common Future Report” made in the 80’s by the Bruntland commission, i.e., availability of resources and wealth for ‘current and future generations’.
The ‘Result’ is a value because we consider that ‘intentions’ are noble, ‘words’ are beautiful but to live and evolve we need ‘facts’. In everything we do, the ‘pursuit of excellence’ is a value. We can aim at excellence using ‘Quality’ in the Ishikawa spirit.
Therefore, preparation and analysis are very important tools for Excellence and if we cannot be perfect, we can always do better. Our culture is to be open both to positive response and to criticism. We have much to learn from appropriate external feedbacks. For this to happen, we need to evaluate and provide feedback on what we have done, analysing our efforts and improving where we have to.
We don’t believe in negative feelings: even if we are human and sometimes may behave wrongly, we know this is not the right way to follow.
As time is precious it must be managed carefully.